Tahoe Mango


Tahoe Mango is a spikey shaped plant with a plethora of benefits grown into its roots.  This plant is capable of producing resin laden buds with uber attractive purple trichomes. The overwhelming effect of the Tahoe Mango is known to create powerful mental stimuli, paired with a relaxed body–but not the sleepy feeling. This makes this strain perfect for before a big meeting or appointment. When partaking in this strain you will experience fruity and smooth taste sensations but also earthy tones perceptible to experienced palates.

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Patients who find the most benefits from this strain are those who frequently experience physical or mental symptoms stemming from stress or depression. Most users express uplifted, creative, euphoric, aroused and talkative sensations.


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Classification: Mostly Sativa

THC Content: 23 – 25%

Parent Strains: Tahoe OG Kush x Somango

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