Thick Color Changing Colorful Striped Glass Pipe


Like many of our other pipe options, this too changes colors with use! Adding in this technology appeals to most everyone and makes for a delightful appearance even between cleanings. This version is made from thick glass in order to promote longevity. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or a fellow pot smoker, the goal is for this investment to save the owner money and worry about how they will consume their cannabis.



If you don’t already know, color-changing technology is often incorporated into smoking accessories that shift when exposed to heat and compounds in cannabis. For those worried about the effect of resin on the colors, rest assured they only get cooler and expand their ranges! The traditional spoon-style pipe is decked out in a wide variety of colors and patterns to watch morph into new designs with color. A flat mouthpiece provides a comfortable resting place for your lips during the smoke circle. Circling back to durability, crafting with thicker glass allows for peace of mind before, during, and after use. It’s hard to enjoy a smoke circle watching your favorite piece pass through the hands of that clumsy friend. Be confident that you’ll be taking home the bowl you came with and your pals got to enjoy it with you.


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