Thick Heavy Color Changing Spiral Striped Glass Pipe


Like its’ predecessor, the Thick Spiral Striped Color Changing Glass Pipe, this pipe is traditional and straightforward but considerably heavier. Now, you may not initially recognize the benefits of more weight. More weight means heavier duty glass makes up this bowl. Wondering which one of your dope designs will be the safest to take to a buddy’s? Look no further for your next “daily,” but unlike a beater vehicle, these look good!

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With a wide variety of hand-designed patterns and stripes, the aesthetic of this bowl is unmatched. You’ll find a custom bubble bowl design in each color as well! Its’ classically elegant, smooth appearance makes this color-changing glass piece timeless and expensive. When we say “everything you need and nothing you don’t,” we’re referring to the way this piece isn’t going to leave your side and not be a hassle to carry around. You’ve got a full hit in just four and a half inches, that’s pocket size. Not only portable but these pipes are also backed with confidence that they’re made to last. The thick and strong glass used to mold each bowl is designed to take a hit, no pun intended.


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