Thick Spiral Striped Color Changing Glass Pipe


Just like all the rest of our unique color-changing technology, the designers who crafted this compact bowl wanted it to be an experience. You’ll be able to watch the different shades come to life with each hit and never get bored of the broad spectrum inside. This nicely sized piece is perfect to be the next tried and true bowl added to your collection.



Simple and effective, while using this bowl there are a few things you may notice that make it that much easier to take a hit. Most identifiable is the large carb, intended to eliminate the initial search as well as the intermission, too stoned, search. Next is the bright colors. It’s way harder to lose a bright pipe in a neutral couch or car upholstery than clear or dark one! Created with the stoner in mind, this pipe is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Enjoy the less is more effect and go back to simpler times of gratification and the true meaning behind the cannabis plant. It’s the first pipe we all remember getting from the head shop and the one we all wish we had in our nightstand for easy use.


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