Thick Square Gold Fumed Color Changing Frit Glass Pipe


At first glance, this may look like a steam roller but a carb at the top makes this pipe unique and easy to travel with. For reference, it’s as tall as an eight-ounce can of soda, just thinner. Highlighting the gold fumed glass with colorful spotted designs, one of these pipes can call to anyone in the multitude of colors of spots available.



Packing this bowl up to smoke is easy and we think you’ll find the bowl itself deceivingly large. It may take your friends a moment to realize where the carb is, depending on how much they’ve already smoked! It’s up to you when you choose to let them know. As sleek in the hand as passing the remote, this pipe makes its’ way around parties very quickly once people realize it changes colors and whips the smoke into a circle as it travels through the glass. Cleaning this pipe is quick and won’t cost you your sanity with it’s straight-line design. With the busy stoner in mind, the colors only get better and more expansive the dirtier it gets! Perfect for carrying around or a subtle accent to your bedside table, you’re sure to want to hit this pipe wherever you are throughout the day.


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