Thunder Club


A Thunder Club is a Premium Blunt, with tip, Snake Wrapped with Concentrate and then Rolled in Kief. Pretty cool, we know. These go out to our veteran stoners who enjoy their tobacco leaves. A nice and full hand rolled blunt sounds great on its’ own, but adding concentrates steps things up to the next level.

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We don’t send out skimp blunts, they’re called Thunder Club for a reason! You’ll enjoy a plump and stuffed blunt rolled by hand every time. We then individually wrap a snake of wax concentrate around the leaf that slowly burns with the flower and drips into both. To top it all off, we roll every finished blunt in a pile of keif dust to coat the entire outside layer. When you light up a Thunder Club from MJ Healing we assure you, you’re going to be stoned.

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1/2, 1/4, 10 King Cones, 21 King Cones, 5 King Cones, OZ


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