Vanilla Kush


Vanilla Kush by Barneys Farm Seeds produces a wide, bushy plant up to a medium height with a hearty yield. From this strain you can expect healthy yields of dense colas, scattered with beautiful red and gold calyx. Producing a wholesome scent of wild vanilla and pine, you will find yourself encapsolated in the beautiful aroma of this potent strain. The result from these genetics are a strong, and relaxing high that lasts.

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Patients who typically find support from this Indica dominant strain are those who frequently experience stress, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, or depression. With its mixed effects on both physical and mental illnesses, this strain is perfect for the cannabis consumer looking for a mind and body high. Users generally report feeling relaxed, happy, or sleepy.


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Classification: Mostly Indica

THC Content: 22%

Parent Strains: Afghani Kush x Kashmir

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