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MJ Healing Herbs is bringing special pricing on our favorite strains with our NEW weekly spotlight! We will feature different strains every week and offer special pricing on the weekly spotlight strains to celebrate them and encourage our customers to give them a try! Check out this week’s deals below!

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Shark Shock

Shark Shock is an Indica dominant, high CBD strain that comes from cross breeding Skunk #1 and White Widow. Shark Shock Flower is a cross of Mr. Nice Shark Shock and a CBD rich flower variety with seeds originating from The CBD Crew. The uniqueness of this CBD plant is perfect for the fans of the Shark Shock strain. The flower buds are unique and white hued. Shark Shock can provide high yields when the growing period is held a little longer than typical. Scents are fruity with a faint onion and garlic addition. Shark Shock may bring a mind and body calm, making it a wonderful fit for those in need of relaxation and recuperation.